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WT PEO Chapter Chair

John Penaranda P.Eng.

Dear fellow member:

Let me introduce myself, my name is John Penaranda and I am a proud volunteer and Professional Engineer holder with Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO). During the recent Willowdale/Thornhill (WT) PEO Chapter AGM celebrated on March 2nd, I was elected in the slate of candidates for the board of executives, and subsequently designated by the board on March 9th as the new 2021-2022 Chair of WT PEO Chapter. I want to express my gratitude to all chapter members who participated in the virtual AGM and supported the slate of candidates, as well as the elected members who trusted me to lead our chapter.

My engineering field is Electrical Engineering, in particular in the power systems industry. Currently, I’m working as Sr. Network Management Engineer for Hydro One Inc., where I have been alternating between both technical and management roles.

I have been volunteering for the WT PEO Chapter board over the past 8 years leading different chapter committees such as EIT/Licence Assistance Program, Education/Student Outreach, Government Liaison, and recently AGM/Certificate Presentation.

I feel very privileged and honored to become the 43th. Chair of the WT PEO Chapter. Our Chapter has been providing remarkable contributions to our community in Willowdale/Thornhill and the entire province for the last 59 years.

With approximately 5,000 members composed of professional engineers and engineering interns, the WT PEO is the second largest engineering chapter in the PEO East Central region. We are the local presence for Professional Engineers Ontario and we promote the value of engineering to the Willowdale/Thornhill community.

My plan for this year will focus on reimaging our chapter and facilitating connections amongst engineers within our chapter, PEO Council, and our local community.

During this tenure my specific goals are:
- Improve our Electronics Media Communications. Redesign the chapter website. Increase our social media participation in linkedin, twitter, facebook, and youtube.
- Create a new chapter committee for Women in Engineering with the goal of integrating women professional engineers and interns. Promote STEM amongst prospective engineering students. Support the 30 by 30 initiative of Engineers Canada.
- Expand on the PEO individualized continuing knowledge development. Unveil the PEO Mandatory Continuing Professional Development. Identify avenues to fulfill PEO requirements.
- Planning for post covid-19 scenarios. Resume chapter in-person activities when safe.

The main core activities of the chapter developed by committee chairs and officers will continue as usual. Those include: organizing licence certificate ceremonies, hosting technical seminars and social events, providing a forum for members to exchange knowledge and ideas, and offering professional networking opportunities.

PEO has also identified the following main activities for the Willowdale/Thornhill Chapter:
  • • Governance: Encourage professional engineers to participate in regulatory roles at PEO.
  • • Grassroots Participation: Promote participation of licence holders in chapter and other PEO activities. Encourage licence holders to take an interest and participate in PEO governance.
  • • Presence: Enhance public awareness for the engineering profession in the local community.
  • • Communication: Facilitate two-way communication with licence holders and PEO Council.
  • • Recognition: Recognize individuals for their support of the profession. Recognize firms for their support of our chapter and of the profession.

If you are a motivated individual, available for few hours per month, and committed to your fellow engineers and the engineering profession you are welcome to join our great organization. If you have fresh ideas to propose, suggestions to our programming, or questions please do not hesitate to connect with me at

Here’s to meeting you in person soon!

John Penaranda, P.Eng., MBA

Willowdale/Thornhill PEO Chapter Chair

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