Licence Presentation Ceremony (LPC) Committee

Committee Focus: To organize and perform professional engineering licence presentation.

Committee Email:

LPC Chair : Souheila Bardakji, P.Eng.;




Committee Specifics :
  • The Licence presentation is an event dedicated to newly licensed Professional Engineers. Typically, the Willowdale-Thornhill Chapter conducts two licence presentation ceremonies on an annual basis, with one ceremony being held in the spring and the other in the fall.

  • Newly licensed members can receive their certificate by mail or at a presentation ceremony. However, if you have chosen the presentation ceremony, you have the opportunity to meet other new Professional Engineers, the Willowdale-Thornhill Board of Executives and other invited guests.

    If you are a newly licensed engineer, a chapter representative will contact you before one of these ceremonies to confirm your attendance.

  • Should you have any other questions or requests, please contact the LPC Committee for further information.