Government Liasion Program (GLP)

Committee Focus: Facilitate strong and on-going relationships between engineers and their members of provincial parliament to support the regulation of professional engineering in the public interest.

Committee Email:

GLP Co-Chairs : John Penaranda, P.Eng (



Committee Specifics :
  • • Our WT PEO chapter is actively involved in the Willowdale Thornhill community.
  • • We are offering engineers’ professional skills and knowledge to advance public regulatory policy. As well, we’re creating dialogue and awareness through our annual Queen’s Park Day, meetings and other events..
  • • We organize Take Your MPP to Work Days where we show the work of professional engineers and PEO during a visit to a company in the riding..
  • • We plan events, such as Meet your MPP at the riding and Licence Presentation Ceremonies, where MPPs meet with local engineers.
  • Goals of the committee:
  • • Foster better relationships between engineers and MPPs
  • • Increase MPPs’ understanding of PEO’s regulatory role to serve and protect the public
  • • Offer unique knowledge and expertise to government before considering new policy direction related to engineering work
  • • Ensuring members are well informed of engineering and non-engineering matters to thoroughly comprehend issues pertaining to MPPs
  • Should you have any other questions or requests, please contact the GLP Committee for further information.