Engineer-in-Training (EIT) / Licensure Assistance Program (LAP)

Committee Focus: Provide guidance and assistance to engineering graduates as they acquire engineering work experience.

Committee Email:

EIT/LAP Chair : Maziyar Bolour, P.Eng (



Committee Specifics :
  • Organize events for members registered as EITs to encourage involvement with PEO and provide guidance/mentoring to obtain P.Eng licence.
  • The focus is to encourages EITs to become ambassadors for the profession and participate in community outreach. The committee implements the chapter's Licensure Assistance Program (LAP), which is a voluntary program where experienced professional engineers mentor new EITs who are working towards obtaining their P.Eng license. Mentors are professionals who have engineering knowledge and business experience to provide guidance to mentees to help them obtain P.Eng. License and settle into the engineering profession.
  • Benefits of joining the Licensure Assistance Program:
  • Helping a mentee receive P.Eng licence
    Understanding other cultures
    Making a difference in someone’s life
    Learning about yourself and having fun!
  • Should you have any other questions or requests, please contact the EIT/LAP Committee for further information.